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Here is an info-graphic of our most commonly insured vehicles in the heavy to extra heavy weight range.

Here is an info graphic showing all of the most popular commercial trucks and commercial vehicles that we insure everyday (855) 826-0321.
Truck Insurance Mobile Friendly commonly insured commercial truck list.

Everyday we insure one or more of the following commercial truck types. Usually with same day quote and bind! If you any type of bond for your brokerage or freight forwarder operation please visit our bond search and bind facility located here -> BOND SEARCH

Factor your early loads to get paid faster.

•Cement and pump trucks
•Refrigerated box trucks
•Roll-on vehicles
•Semi trucks
•Stake body trucks
•Straight trucks
•Box truck
•Dump truck
•Flatbed truck
•Express delivery truck
•Refrigerated truck
•Tanker truck
•Tractor Trailer
•Box trucks
•Dump trucks
•Flatbed trucks
•Front loaders
•Garbage trucks
•Pickup trucks with standard or commercial beds
•Tank trucks
•Tow trucks
•Big Rig Truck Tractors/ Semi’s and trailers
•Vocational trucks
•Auto hauler trailers
•Bottom dump trailers
•Bulk commodity trailers
•Concession trailers
•Big Rig Dry freight trailers
•Fuel Haulers
•Flatbed trailers
•Gooseneck trailers
•Horse trailers
•Livestock trailers
•Logging trailers
•Lowboy trailers
•Pole trailers
•Refrigerated trailers
•Tank trailers
•Tilt trailers
•Transfer boxes
•Utility trailers

Most Popular Commercial Big Rig Trucking Coverage’s

Auto Liability (Mandated by those with a DOT or MC #)
Motor Truck Cargo Coverage
Commercial General Liability
Medical Payments
Uninsured Motorist
Underinsured Motorist
Personal Injury Protection (PIP)
Owned Auto
Non-Owned Auto
Hired Auto
Blanket Lessee Coverage
Collision Coverage
Comprehensive Coverage

Below is the classification used initially to determine what type of vehicle or trucking operation is needing to be insured.

•Light Truck – Trucks with a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 10,000 pounds
or less
• Medium Truck – GVW between 10,001 – 20,000 pounds
• Heavy Truck – GVW between 20,001 – 45,000 pounds
• Extra Heavy Truck – GVW 45,000 pounds or more
• Truck Tractor – A motor vehicle for carrying commodities or material and
equipped with a fifth wheel coupling device for semi trailers.
• Heavy Truck Tractors – GVW 45,000 pounds or less
• Extra Heavy Truck Tractor – GVW 45,001or more
• Semi Trailer – A trailer equipped with a fifty wheel coupling device for use
with a truck tractor, with load capacity of over 2,000
• Trailer – Any type trailer other than semi trailer with load limit over 2,000
• Service or utility trailer – Trailer including semi trailer with load capacity of
2,000 pounds or less

And then the commercial trucks listed above fall into one of the categories below that define what the truck is being used for on a daily basis.

• Service – Used to transport insured’s personal tools to and from job sites
• Retail – Used to pick up property from, or deliver property to individuals
• Commercial – Used for transporting property, other than those defined as
service or retail

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